Welcome to Golden Lotus Yoga Studio online, I’m so excited that you have found us. I’m feeling pretty lucky that you are showing interest.

  • Class Fees 
  •  Temperature in studio ranges depending on heat outside we like to keep studio between 76-82 degrees. We also gauge temperature in studio by clients and honor request to raise or lower temperature in the room. 
  •  Our instructor Courtney is really good about adjusting his classes towards yoga students needs.  
  • Workshops

Important Notice About our Fitness and Yoga Classes

Although Golden Lotus Yoga Studio provides its service with your health and safety in mind, each individual has their own limitations and it is critical that you consult your physician or other licensed healthcare provider if there is health concerns especially if your mom is prone to injuries, or had any other unique or special medical conditions.



Monday and Tuesday

Weekday Yoga

Join our all levels course

6:00 PM

The Studio


Yoga & Meditation

Join us for our all level course with the course centered

around the essentials for success in meditation. 

6:00 pm

The Studio


Thursday Yoga Core

Join our all levels course. 

There's not just one formula for a flat belly the best

way to sculpt your midsection is to incorporate more

core work into the workouts you already know and love.

Yoga Core targets your abdominal muscles in 

a much more functional and efficient way than

any amount of crunches. 

6:00 pm

The Studio


Friday Yoga

 Join our all levels course.

6:00 pm

The Studio


Weekend Yoga

Join our all levels course

10:00 am

The Studio

Sundays Reserved for Private Lessons and Workshops

  • When: The last Sunday of the month 
  • From: 10 AM -1 pm (3 hour course) 
  • Cost $40