Class Descriptions

All Levels:
All ages, sizes, and fitness levels welcome. This class moves from breathing, sun salutations, to postures that will focus on alignment. 

Yoga Core:
Release chronic tension through the foundation of your body, focusing on the abdomen, lower back, & buttocks. Join us and improve postural alignment, abdominal & back strength, and flexibility. 

 Wholeness Yoga:
This All Level class is a period of blending internal and external practices around a core of yoga, resulting in improved flow and a greater sense of wholeness, peace, and balance. Give yourself this time for unwinding, balancing, and enhancing your energy and awareness. 

 Yoga & Meditation:
This 90-minute class is a nice balance of yoga asanas and meditation. A great class to "GET CENTERED". Consciously or unconsciously change your lifestyle, slow down, relieve stress, and become more attentive. You will become more prepared for what life throws your way! 

Hatha yoga that offers a very slow moving posture sequence which will flow thru one's joints, muscles, and bones. We will work through discomforts or injuries in a natural way.This class is especially good for beginners, seniors, prenatal or just those wishing to move more slowly. 

 Power Yoga:
Based from the Ashtanga lineage. This practice is a fast-paced yoga intensive class flowing from one asana to the next (vinyasa), building strength and flexibility. This class is great for the athlete who wants to focus on lengthening the muscle to help prevent injuries, and muscular and skeletal alignment. 

 Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga:
This class introduces the fundamentals of Ashtanga yoga, a scientific system linking postures with the breath. Ashtanga yoga builds strength, flexibility and concentration while purifying the body and calming the mind. Beginning with Sun Salutations and including standing, seated and finishing postures, the primary series always follows the same sequence of poses, providing a strong foundation for a home practice. No prior experience necessary. 

 Hatha Yoga Series:
Hatha Yoga is that branch of Yoga that primarily involves physical discipline and effort through postures (asanas) and breath control/restraint (pranayama) to promote health and well-being. The many benefits of Hatha Yoga include increased strength, flexibility and resiliency of the body, especially the spine. Through regular practice you will also experience improved concentration, self awareness and relaxation. 

Kids Yoga ages 8-12:
Introduce your child to the wonderful world of Yoga, helping them build inner and outer strength, flexibility, and coordination with various fun & challenging postures. Yoga promotes self-confidence, focus, concentration and awareness of themselves and others. The kids will learn to focus and center themselves with various breathing and visualization techniques. 

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