Courtney Campbell

Courtney pose 1 "Yoga enlightens one's spiritual, mental, and physical self." - Courtney

Courtney started practicing Yoga in Jamaica 35 years ago while studying Taekwondo. I needed the conscious thinking that meditation offered, and the physical ability of yoga for balance in martial arts”.Courtney was also involved in athletics, particularly soccer and cycling, and yoga was a great way to stay flexible so that you do not suffer an injury. He believes that an athlete must have physical, spiritual and mental focus to achieve their best. Courtney attended the Siva-nanda Yoga School in the Bahamas. “It helped me bring balance to my life”. Yoga teaches the knowledge of how to live moderately like one should live, and to focus on awareness of the more spiritual aspects of life. In the US, Courtney learned the Iyengar style of Yoga through Erich Schiffman, and became a Certified Iyengar Teacher.

Courtney pose 2 Courtney’s classes are filled with playfulness, humor, spontaneity, and rigor. He has taught Yoga in Cape Coral for the last 5 years, mainly through local gyms and recreational facilities. Some of Courtney’s students over the years have been judges, doctors, city council members, and students.

Courtney pose 1 Courtney pose 1
Courtney pose 1 Courtney pose 1