Our Gurus

The Music Guru


Born in the south of India, of royal family, he began his formal musical training at the age of 20. This training continued in an intensive manner for 17 years. At the age of 54 he became initiated as a monk (Sanyasin, a renunciate), by Swami Sivananda in Rishikesh. There he spent the rest of his life, to attain perfection in the field of Nada Yoga, a spiritual practice that leads to Realization.

He was not only a brilliant vocalist, but also a virtuoso in the harmonium and the tablas. He developed astonishing abilities thanks to his art. In India, musicians of ancient times studied in great depth the science of vibration and its relationship with the body. This science was called Taan. Swami Nadabrahmananda was the last known Master of this discipline. He could control the frequency and the whereabouts of vibrations in his body. He also had the ability to synchronize his voice with a succession of extremely rapid notes or vibrations and make these sounds leave from different parts of the mouth, skull or backbone. His mastery of the art of Taan enabled him to acquire a robust health and an inexhaustible energy. He had the incredible faculty to suspend his breath and not blink his eyes while playing the tablas for half an hour; this was demonstrated through tests that were made both in India and in the United States, where Swami Vishnudevananda had invited him. Furthermore these tests demonstrated his control over certain vital functions i.e. he could make his pulse rise to 240!