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The Satguru Yogi HARI

Yogi Hari was born in Guyana in a traditional Indian family. One of his grandfathers could heal through mantras. The other one was the respected priest of the temple in their village. Each day started with offerings and prayers : " I always asked for knowledge. Perhaps this is why I have been successful in my studies ", Yogi Hari says modestly. His studies gave him the opportunity of a good job as a Land surveyor working for private companies. This allowed him to experience the world of money and power. This period of his life, because of social obligations and working conditions, also took him away from his traditions. For someone used to eat moderately simple fresh cooked food, the western diet can trigger some curiosity, but it is also aggressive. Yogi Hari experienced the clear link between diet and health and very soon started to suffer from respiratory problems that no antibiotics could cure. He was declared medically incurable. His wife proposed him to try more simple and traditional remedies like teas and fasting. " I had no choice, he says, and I would have done anything to get better ". This proved to be efficient. She also gave him a little book called " Yoga & Health " by Yesuddian. " As soon as I began to practice I felt better. My body regained its strength and regenerated. I knew very soon that I was a yogi : my body entered spontaneously into all kinds of postures that were not in the book. I thought I was inventing them ! Later on I discovered in Swami Vishnudevananda's book that they were very classical ! "


In 1975 when he joined the Sivananda organization, founded in Canada by S.Vishnudevananda who became his Guru, Yogi Hari had reached a complete mastery over his body, as shown by his chart Perfection of yoga postures. This same year he met Swami Nadabrahmananda who would become his Music Master. " At this time, says Yogiji, my practices were very intense and austere. I felt the need to bring some softness and devotion in my sâdhana. I had always loved music. When I heard Swami Nadabrahmananda, I knew he was the Guru I was looking for ". Yogi Hari did not hesitate to leave his well-paid job in order to study with him and to follow him wherever he went. He got rid of all that was not absolutely necessary, the rest had to fit into a station wagon. He brought Leela Mata, his consenting wife, their 4 children and his mother in law into the ashram life. " We lived from my savings. I considered that my children's education as well as my own education was the best investment for this money, because knowledge is the only thing that lasts. You take it with you when you die. It is not the case with material possessions ". This is how at age 30, Yogi Hari entered a kind of enunciate life. After 7 years of a nomadic life, in the interest of the children's schooling, and also to test the validity of the yogic principles outside the protected area of an ashram, he decided to settle in Florida. This is when he started his work of disseminating the knowledge of yoga. Yogi Hari and his wife Leela Mata, also engaged on the path of yoga since her young age, are now grandparents of 4. Having fulfilled their worldly duty, they have recently decided to follow their own paths.

An embodiment of the yoga of fullness

Yogi Hari is unique. Like a diamond, his multiple facets reflect the pure light. His mere presence helps one get in touch with the deepest part of himself. He does nothing halfway. He doesn't like compromises or gimmicks and he denounces them in his direct way. The knowledge and experience he has today, he paid for with his own flesh and blood. This explains his depth and subtlety. His creativity, enthusiasm, intelligence, his honesty in his quest as well as his multiple gifts make him an embodiment of this complete yoga recommended by Swami Sivananda. Whether he is absorbed in silence or in chanting, whether he does yoga postures or cuts a tree, whether he reads the newspaper or works at his computer... whatever he is doing he does it intensely with calm, fluidity and with an amazing simplicity. For him there is no border between yoga and life : the whole life is yoga. His inner joy often manifests as an irresistible laughing. And his capacity to give is endless for those who are ready to receive...